Can Bankruptcy Hurt my Chances of getting a Job?

In our troubled economic times, you may be considering bankruptcy to recover your financial footing, but you may also be worried about its impact on your future. After you clear your debts and get a fresh start, you will still need to live your life, and that includes holding a job, and probably getting several … Continue reading »

Can I Rent an Apartment if I File for Bankruptcy?

After filing for bankruptcy, it is a good idea to try lower your expenses. One way to do that is to move into a less expensive home. Many Americans who file for bankruptcy give up a home that they own, or decide that their previous rental was too expensive. Because of these reasons or another, … Continue reading »

Can I Keep my Car After Bankruptcy?

Like many Americans, you probably need your car. You need your car to get to work, to run errands, to take your kids to school, or to go to the doctor. Because our cars are so important to our every day lives, you may not be able to give up your car. So how do … Continue reading »

How Long after Bankruptcy will Wage Garnishment Stop?

Leading up to bankruptcy, many debtors have had their wages garnished. This means that money is taken directly out of your paycheck without you ever seeing it to pay off your debts. This practice makes it very difficult for anyone to make ends meet, and carries the extra frustration of not allowing you to handle … Continue reading »

How Long can you Live in Your Home After Filing Bankruptcy?

Whatever the reason you are facing a possible bankruptcy, one of the biggest debts you have is most likely the mortgage on your home. We all know that thousands of Americans are facing foreclosure on their home, with the housing market in decline and the economy making jobs hard to find. But if you file … Continue reading »