Will Bankruptcy Erase IRS Debt?

We often hear questions about what kinds of debt bankruptcy can eliminate. One big lender for many Americas is the IRS. Fail to pay your taxes for a couple of years, and you can end up owing the IRS thousands of dollars or more. Government Debt in Bankruptcy Debt owed to the IRS falls into … Continue reading »

Will Bankruptcy Stop my Car from being Repossessed?

It is possible that bankruptcy can stop the reposession of your car, but the details depend on what kind of debt you owe on the car. A loan that uses your car as collateral is called a “secured loan.” This means that the loan is secure for the lender because they will take you car … Continue reading »

Will Bankruptcy Remove my Student Loans?

You may have heard that you cannot discharge student loans through bankruptcy, but that isn’t always the case! The good news is that in some cases you may be able to discharge some or all of your student loans. Your personal circumstances will determine if you are able to discharge some or all of your … Continue reading »

Can my Tax Debt be Discharged through Bankruptcy?

There are many different types of debt that we face as Americans, and none is more imposing than our annual tax bill from Uncle Sam. With so many Americans owing back taxes, the question often comes up – can you discharge tax debt through bankruptcy? This is a question that you should definitely speak to … Continue reading »

Can HOA Fees be Discharged through Bankruptcy?

When the bills pile up, sometimes the first bills to go unpaid are your Home Owner Association fees. This debt piles up month after month, and can make your pile of debt even larger! So can bankruptcy help? Can you discharge past-due HOA fees through bankruptcy? In some cases you can discharge HOA fees, but … Continue reading »