Is Filing Bankruptcy a Good Idea?

Everyone’s Situation is Different Some people have the misconception that bankruptcy is always bad. Many Americans who have not faced serious personal debt have the impression that debts come from irresponsible behavior. But the reality is that many people facing insurmountable debt are put in that situation due to circumstances outside of their control. Personal … Continue reading »

What Happens to Inheritance After Bankruptcy?

One fairly common concern when filing bankruptcy is what happens to any assets received as inheritance? Your inheritance can be one of the largest sources of income in your life. Rarely will you receive a large check or a major asset like a family home, and protecting that cash or asset is an important concern, … Continue reading »

Will I Lose my Social Security disability if I File Bankruptcy?

If your are receiving Social Security Disability payments, or have received payments which you have saved, you may be able to keep this cash, and protect it during a bankruptcy. Social Security payments are exempt from being given up during a bankruptcy, but you need to make sure you handle these funds correctly to keep … Continue reading »

Can I Transfer Ownership of my Car Before Bankruptcy to Keep It?

Cars are a common point of concern when filing bankruptcy. See a related article – Can I Keep my Car After Bankruptcy? When facing bankruptcy, you may need to figure out how to keep your car. One strategy that people often think of is to sell their car to a family member or friend, then … Continue reading »

Can I Stop Paying my Bills before Filing Bankruptcy?

We often consider bankruptcy once we get to a point where we can no long afford to pay our bills. This makes sense, as bankruptcy is specifically designed to help you recover from this sort of situation. Once you’ve decided to file bankruptcy, the idea of eliminating your bills is quite exciting, and it can … Continue reading »